So it can go

With the restart of the re: caremo website, I set up a small web shop – that’s how it works. Here you will find individually designed models. In addition to introducing tutorials and projects, the blog provides comprehensive information on the subject of 3D art
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So it can go

My online presence always makes a complex change. This is how it can go if – like me – you don’t want to commit yourself to eternity.

It will continue to be the informative blog, solution-oriented Tutorials and – new – one Webshop give.

The focus will continue to be on Blender – b3d – lie, the free professional tool for 3D artists.

In addition, I am increasingly dedicating myself to the free add-on in Blender and the Blender community as well as some paid plug-ins.

So it can go
So it can go


This website is available in several languages. Since I don’t know all of them, I use a translation service. If you notice any errors, please let me know. Gladly also in the comments. There I can also note the request for further translations.

Gender equitable - this is how it can work

I deal with gender-equitable, non-violent, anti-racist and anti-sexist language. The website is designed accordingly, but even here I am not free from errors and in a continuous development process. I am grateful for your suggestions for improvement and corrections.

Especially with gender-sensitive language, it is not easy to always find a good formulation, especially since it should also be translated into other languages. So I can’t use the usual simplifications like the * or other solutions. I ask for understanding.


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