Become a focus in the area of projects Tutorials be. Contrary to the general development, I will only publish this in German. On the one hand, I have the best command of this language and, on the other hand, it may be a niche market. In this way I can differentiate myself from other providers.

Other project ideas are building a Web shops and these ideas:

  • Sign language as 3D animations
  • Tips & tricks too Blender and Co.
  • Blender in 3D printing
  • CNC milling machine

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I offer the possibility that I support you in your projects. Maybe you would like me to create a special tutorial. Don’t worry, I’m not pursuing any financial interests. That means, you don’t have to assume that this “advice” will be chargeable for you.


Just get in touch with me and the users of this website. Share your ideas and questions. Maybe then we can find a solution together.

Of course, I assume that it’s not primarily about how I get your ideas ready for the market. It won’t be possible for me to create a complete concept for you either. At one point or another, however, we will certainly be able to enter into a constructive exchange.

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