Basically, I would like to state that Blender and Co. are not primarily about mastering software. Creativity and imagination are also the basic tools for 3D art. The following solution-oriented tutorials are currently available or planned:

  • Blender : provides all the necessary tools to create professional models, animations and films. However, it is not that easy to master this program. But once you get started, it is quite easy to do.
  • BlenderAddOn: There are numerous helpful additional tools in Blender – the AddOn or PlugIn. With them, Blender can be operated more comfortably or new functions are made available directly. In addition to the integrated free add-ons, there are others that were also developed free of charge by the Blender community. I will also go into some paid addons. Please note my contribution on the subject of advertising.
Blender - video editing

Tutorials on YouTube and Co.

There are plenty of free tutorials on YouTube. Depending on your learning style and language, you will find videos there that are tailored to your needs. However, the large number is not so easy to keep track of and it is not always up-to-date. With a little luck you will get answers to your questions in the channel.

In particular, I have access to Blender via:


Commercial tutorials

There is also a huge market for commercial tutorials. These are also usually in English. This is the only way for the authors to reach the largest possible target group.
It is not easy to separate the wheat from the chaff.

I really appreciate and enjoy using Zach Reinhardt’s tutorials. He’s been marketing these on CGBoost for some time.

Course overview :

I am registered as an affiliate partner for these courses and receive a commission if you buy the courses via these links. Further information can be found on the page advertising .


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