Blender – also called b3d – is a very complex and diverse program. It has been provided free of charge as an open source by the Blender Foundation since 1994 and is continuously being further developed.

It can be used in commercial applications without restrictions and offers all the necessary tools for this.

  • With Cycles, b3d has a render engine that correctly calculates the light fall. Photo-realistic images can be created in this way.
  • The objects can be created using sculpting – a process that is based on sculpture or working with clay – or from geometric shapes using modeling.
  • Characters can be provided with a skeleton in Blender (rigging). This allows them to be animated flexibly and true to nature.
  • The physics simulation has just been comprehensively updated and expanded in the last few months and actually leaves nothing to be desired.
  • In addition to 3D art, 2D art concepts can also be implemented and animated.
  • Many other tools such as video editing, VFX and scripting complete the overall picture.

Professional tool

With b3d professional animated films, objects and characters for computer games and much more are created. Blender covers the entire workflow and the purchase of external tools is not necessary, especially for beginners.


Blender AddOn

Blender has an open programming interface based on Python. In this way, the original program can be expanded and supplemented as required. A very active community is developing many free add-ons. You can also purchase paid extensions from various sources.

Even if these add-ons are not absolutely necessary, they make your work with Blender easier. In this way, very complex processes and operating structures can often be simplified or are only possible in this way.

b3d AddOn - sources of supply

Here is a small overview of where you can get the corresponding AddOn.


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