Blender: How can I …?

You can read again and again that it is not easy to learn Blender and to master it fully. When I installed Blender for the first time many years ago, I quickly gave up and annoyed. Until recently, this program was really not intuitive. It always arises like the question: “Blender – How can I …?

Thanks to numerous YouTube videos and the commitment of many Youtubers, I got the curve in 2012 and managed to get started.

Even if you don’t know, I would never have made it without you.


GUI from version 2.80

From version 2.80 the graphic user interface (GUI) of Blender has been completely revised and some standards and norms from other programs have been adopted. This includes the selection click with the left mouse button – until then, Blender used the right mouse button.
Despite these major improvements, Blender is and will remain a complex program. It cannot simply be grasped and used intuitively. Too many factors play a role.
I keep reading from very, very experienced professionals that they have just learned this or that new thing. I have this experience again and again.
For this reason I also dedicate myself to Tutorial series “Blender – how can I …?
On the one hand, I use it to deepen my own learning experiences and create my own reference work. On the other hand, I can share it with you.

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