Blender – Current

At irregular intervals I publish a current state of development of Blender – b3d
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Blender - Current

Blender is currently going through a rapid development.

So there is not only LTS (long term support) – the updates are carried out according to a specific schedule. So we always know which new function we can expect next. This makes it easier for you to decide which version you want to use for a project.

Blender - Current
Blender - Current: long term support

Blender - Current: LTS

With version 2.80 the Blender Foundation introduced “Long Term Support”. This means that the program “only” corrects the errors and does not add any new functions. As 3D art artists, we can plan projects for the long term and rely on a stable environment. Currently this is version 2.83.13 – the download may be a bit hidden – just click on it link .

Stable further development

In addition to the LTS version, Blender is continuously being developed and new functions are being added. In my opinion, version 2.9x in particular represents a quantum leap.

My Tutorials I always do it with an up-to-date, stable function.


Blender - Qua Vadis?

The next step will then be Blender 3.0. This version should still be in 2021 and will be curious.

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