There are now extensive legal regulations for the use of advertising on the Internet.

Sometimes I have the impression that consumer protection does not always come first.

Resourceful companies use the most complex constructs that make the whole thing completely unmanageable.

One example seems to be the cookie regulation in the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). You have to allow everything on many websites now if you want easy, quick access to.


Transparent and fair

My website will  you guys transparent and fair about advertising, use of Cookies and the settings in your account to inform.

I look at privacy moreover, not as a necessary evil, but as your right. You have the right to have your data protected  are clearly displayed for you and you are informed about storage and deletion.

It should be clear to you that I am promoting my shop and the products it contains. However, there is also the possibility that I will receive money or other allowances from other companies. After all, I also report on commercial products (Substance Painter, Blender AddOn, …).

If I cooperate with companies, you will find relevant notes and information here. But I want to say that I try to be objective in my “advertising”. I openly and honestly point out errors, but I also do not hide the advantages and benefits that these products have for my workflow.

Affiliate partners

An affiliate partner is usually a business relationship on a commission basis. This means that if you buy certain products via my website but from other providers, I will receive a commission for them. I mark these “commission links” accordingly.

I am currently working with the following affiliate partners:

  1. CGBoost
    CG boost was founded by Zach Reinhardt. Various courses on Blender and other programs are offered on this platform. I bought and completed several courses there myself and I believe that you will get well-made tutorials there.
    In my opinion, the advantage of purchased courses lies in the possibility of direct exchange with the authors. That is not always the case on YouTube.

    Course overview :
    – Blender Beginner Course – Language: English, free – link
    – Blender Launch Pad – Language: English – Commission link
    – Substance Painter Launch Pad – Language: English: Commission link
    – Master 3D-Sculpting in Blender – Language: English: Commission link
    – Master 3D-Environments in Blender – Language: English: Commission link
    – CG Career Booster – Language: English: Commission link


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