About me

Hello! What is there to say about me?

My name is Frank Reiser. I live in the far north of Germany and work part-time and freelance as a 3D artist, graphic designer and 3D developer.

At the same time – and I freely and voluntarily admit this – I neither studied one nor the other or learned professionally. I am 100% self-taught.

My only qualifications are:

  • the enthusiasm for the topic.
  • my creativity.
  • Over 15 years of experience in these areas, with different programs – most recently with Blender – 3bd.
  • a bit of technology nerd paired with irrepressible curiosity: “It has to work somehow!” or “How can I …?”. That is also my subject Tutorial series .
About me

Current technical equipment

What does the technical equipment say about me? Well, at least that I’m already a nerd. But also that I can fall back on effective hardware to present my work and to realize my project ideas.

  • AMD Ryzen 9 CPU, 3900x with 12 cores and clocked at 4.1 Mhz,
  • 32 GB RAM,
  • 1 x NVidia RTX 2700s, 8 GB RAM,
  • 1 x NVidia RTX 2600, 6 GB RAM,
  • Anycubic Mega S 3D printer with optimized firmware and various adjustments,
  • CNC milling machine as self-made from the project by Nikodem Bartnik,
  • small maker workshop.

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