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At the beginning
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In the beginning ….

… and at all times artists had to face the criticism of their contemporaries. Is cave painting the beginning of computer art? Already with the cave painters there was discussion…. In the beginning ….

Summer Update
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Summer Updates

There are numerous summer updates from many manufacturers that have been released in the last few days. I can’t even get to look at all the corrections and the latest… Summer Updates

Media in everyday pedagogical life
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Media in everyday pedagogical life

Some time ago I wrote a book that deals with the use of modern media in everyday pedagogical life and is intended to facilitate the introduction of multimedia media. It… Media in everyday pedagogical life

IOR - Index of Refraction
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IOR – Index of refraction

The IOR – Index of Refraction is certainly not the most important value to consider when adjusting in Blender. But it can be the icing on the cake that makes… IOR – Index of refraction

Blender - Modelling Part 3
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Blender – Modelling Part 3

In the blender – Modelling Part 3 tutorial, which was posted online today, we continue modeling the saucer section of the Enterprise D. I provide an overview in the form… Blender – Modelling Part 3

Blender 2.83.2 LTS
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Blender 2.83.2 LTS released

The Blender Foundation has released the Blender 2.83.2 LTS update. If you want to read more about Blender’s LTS = Long Time Support Strategy, I’ll refer to this blog post… Blender 2.83.2 LTS released

Update tutorial for SPLL
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Substance-Painter LiveLink

Blender does not support Substance Painter, but Xolotl Studio’s paid AddOn Substance-Painter LiveLink provides the ability to exchange materials and meshes between programs. I have published a tutorial for this… Substance-Painter LiveLink

Plugin for Character Creator. Result with the headshot plugin
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PlugIn for CC3

Reallusion has released the headshot plugin for the CC3 (Character Creator 3). The plugin creates a 3D character from a single photo. Using AI software, it generates a corresponding mesh… PlugIn for CC3

Fear created for Empire and Tribes
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Fruits – created with Blender

Have modeled and textured fruits for the “Empires and Tribes” project. I followed the tutorial of CGBoost and this little still life “fruit” was created with Blender 2.83. The game… Fruits – created with Blender

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Subtitles in YouTube tutorials

In many cases, the subtitles are omitted in YouTube tutorials or only the automatic translation function of YouTube is used. The spoken word is left with the meaning-bearing meaning –… Subtitles in YouTube tutorials