With my blog I would like to inform you about current developments in the 3D art area. This includes both hardware and software.

The focus will be on the program Blender – b3d – lie. In addition, the relevant AddOn and some other tools that accompany my workflow.

If you need more information about me, you will find this here .
All post and projects are in my portfolio archive saved. Just have a look, here you will find a general overview of the older entries.
Cycles X

Cycles X

The Blender Foundation is working on a new rendering engine Cycles X to be called the successor.

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If you want to know how me too advertising , the uses of Cookies , privacy and data mining, please read the corresponding articles that I have linked here.

In this blog I use gender conscious, anti-sexist, anti-racist and non-violent language.

Current reports

To ensure that the reports are up to date, I do regular research on the Internet. I’ll summarize the articles – usually written in English – for you. I will convey the content in an understandable way.

A good blog is not just up to date. It reflects the interests of a broad readership. I could involve you and you should comment on the reports. Your opinion should be formulated objectively and you have to adhere to the rules mentioned above.

Exciting journal

I hope that this will turn my blog into an interesting diary. A journal that is always worth looking into and “leafing through” a little. With the archive I make sure that you can also find older articles.

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